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Bottom Line up Front Writing: Inverted Pyramid Method

The goal of writing a college research paper is to inform and instigate analysis from the readers and the best way to prompt this is by using communication format efficiently. By using BLUF format, you are listing first the most significant parts of your research pushing less important information down the page. Bottom line up front writing is not widely used as this practice inverted pyramid method that opposes the traditional writing system. The use of BLUF format suffices reasonable argument by giving your readers what they want to know and proving them how you arrive at your results as the paper progresses.

Bottom Line up Front Format: Conclusion and Recommendation First

Bottom line up front format is common in military writing as this details conclusions and recommendations first in order to encourage immediate decisions. Many universities are adapting BLUF format in research paper writing such as research paper; this helps evaluate the efficiency of the study as this limits unnecessary details and go directly to relevant information. Bottom line up front writing is utilized by many students mainly because the longer your paper, the less likely people will read the end part of it. Choosing the right format for your research paper is crucial; take into consideration the technical aspects that will assist your readers in understanding better your paper making you an effective writer.

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