Write an Introduction for My Research Paper

Writing an Introduction for a Research Paper

When writing an introduction for a research paper you have to cover a number of important areas; your introduction is the section in which you set out for your audience the context within which your research will be conducted. It will explain what you are going to study and why it is important to do so, if you cannot justify your work why would you do it? You need to define clear objectives and show the methods that you will use to conduct your research in an attempt to answer your questions. All of this should be referenced to current relevant academic literature, those references all being cited correctly within the correct format.

Problems with Writing an Introduction for a Research Paper

Like all other sections, writing a research paper introduction is time consuming and difficult with regards to the specific formatting that is required; your use of English must be perfect, and the formatting and grammar must meet academic standards. These requirements make what is already a task that is difficult to complete within the set timescale more like mission impossible. This leaves many students wishing that they could find help with completing their introduction for a research paper so that they can manage to get the paper submitted by their deadline, which currently they feel they have no chance of doing.

Help with Writing a Research Paper Introduction

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